Development in Lichfield

We are working on a number of developments across Lichfield.  

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Lichfield city centre master plan

Our Lichfield city centre master plan has been developed to shape the future growth of the city centre, set out opportunities for enhancing the quality of the city centre environment and provide a guide for future investment in Lichfield.

It was published in 2020 and was written after taking in the views of residents from across the district, local businesses, partners and other key stakeholders.

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Local plan 2040

We are reviewing our local plan with the aim to create a new local plan that will provide direction on the future growth of the area. Once adopted it will replace the current local plan strategy (which was adopted in 2015) and the local plan allocations document, which was adopted in July 2019. Until the time the new local plan is adopted we will continue to use the existing local plan when making planning decisions.

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About building conservation and urban design

The conservation team advises the development management team on planning applications affecting historic buildings and conservation areas. They also provide urban design advice on planning applications relating to both large and small developments.

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Supplementary planning documents

We are ably supported by a number of in-house specialists, include arboriculture, conservation & design, and ecologists, with a number of adopted supplementary planning documents

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Planning enforcement

It is vital that we have effective controls in place to deal with unauthorised development to help preserve and enhance qualities of our district.

Because of this, we take planning enforcement very seriously and consider each case on its own facts and merits.

We can respond to reports of breaches in relation to building works or changes of use, advertisements, non-compliance with conditions imposed on planning approvals, the felling of protected trees and the removal of hedgerows, works to listed buildings and demolition in conservation areas.

If we receive enquiries we can’t help with, we’ll provide advice on which other agencies may be able to provide assistance.

We also have an adopted Enforcement Plan.

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